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About "Inspired by Peace"

Each and every piece of the "Inspired by Peace" collection has a natural element such as flowers, leaves, shells and other findings incorporated in them. I carefully select each item I use at former battlegrounds. These places are now peaceful. Many of these sites no longer even bear the scars of violence, they have returned to what they once were –from tranquil forests to lively cities and from windy beaches to picturesque towns. My jewellery symbolises that peace can return to war-torn-areas, and expresses a hope for a peaceful future.

This hope for peace is why 10% of profits go to Peace Direct, a charity helping people in war zones. Hopefully one day these areas will turn into former war zones, and become just as peaceful as the places that have inspired Poipín Jewellery.

Each piece is handcrafted by me, using elements from nature, meticulously preserved and prepared to use in my pieces, making every one completely unique. 

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